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Both my grandfathers were World War II Veterans with amazing lives.  They passed while I was a teenager and already my memories of them are fading.  I remember some of their stories, but I wish I remember more.  I could use their wisdom now a days.

I started to realize how important the stories and wisdom of my elders were, so luckily I was able to interview my Nana on camera before she passed a few years ago at 96.  During that interview I learned more about her life than I ever knew.  She had me rolling with laughter and made my jaw drop with some of the things she shared with me.  Most importantly, I have her on video saying how much she loved me...and that is the most priceless thing I could have ever asked for.

I continued on interviewing another family member and wrote a short essay on her life.  The local historical society picked it up and is featuring it in a museum exhibit.  This showed me people do care about the history of the people who built our communities.  

From working on a cruise filled with mostly elderly guests, I was able to hear countless stories and meet veterans with stories out of movies.  I tried to write some of them down, but who was preserving the lives of these incredible people?  And did their families know the amazing adventures they had been on?  Did they care to even ask?

There are apps and programs online to record stories that are great in concept.  We have one for my other grandmother and I beg her to complete it.  However, technology intimidates her and the stories are therefore locked in her mind.

These stories are personal.  There is something about human connection that makes one more willing to open up face to face than a recording device.  And honestly, sometimes it's easier to open up to a stranger.

I believe every life is extraordinary and I want to all about that of your loved ones.  

I visit and have a conversation with them and ask them specific questions allowing them to open up and share stories they themselves may have not thought of for years.  Everything will be recorded on video and given to you to keep for generations to come.

Their stories are worth preserving.  Let's meet Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, or anyone in a new way.  


A Glimpse Into Their Life

1 Hour Session at 1 Location of Choice 

Digital Copy of Edited Video File



2 Hour Session at 1 Location of Choice 

Custom DVD

& Digital Copy of Edited Video File


The Complete Story

4 Hour Session (Can be split into multiple days)

2 Locations of Choice

Custom DVD In Keepsake Box

Digital Copy of Edited Video File

Essay Write Up of Key Stories


These memories are an investment and deserve to be preserved for generations to come.


Booking in Nashville, TN and the Lehigh Valley, PA.  Available for travel.

*All packages include a phone call to discuss interview questions ahead of time.

Add On Family Portrait Session: $250 for up to 8 People (1 Hour Shoot at 1 Location with 15 Images)

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