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Planning a Wedding in the Midst of Coronavirus? What To Do Now...

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Let's be honest, if you've been watching the news it seems as though the world is ending. Schools are closing, sports have been suspended, and toilet paper is in short supply.

Meanwhile, you are supposed to be in the midst of wedding planning mode, but it's hard to focus on the future. You may be worried about your income, your health or traveling on your honeymoon.

It's a weird time, but here are some things to do to wait this out...

1) Take a Breath

Turn off the news and turn on a movie (a happy one, not an apocalyptic one). Realize that the history of mankind has made it through every pandemic and global crisis that has ever happened. Yes, there is tragedy, but try your best to practice gratitude for what you have (your health, your family, your partner) and know this too will pass.

2) Use This Time to Do Your Wedding Research

If you have a date planned, this is the time to stay in and research your wedding vendors and details. Now is the time to scroll on Pinterest and take advantage of the fact that you have the time to find those amazing favors, cute decorations, or the perfect cake topper.

You can have casual conversations with vendors, knowing that maybe you're not ready to book, but that you'll have a list of great people to connect with when things calm down.

If you don't have a date planned, now is the time to research venues and be prepared so that when you have a better idea of a timeframe, you'll be ready.

If you just got engaged, you're in a good spot. There is no need to rush into anything, but, you're excited! So now is the time to create a vision board and really think about the type of wedding you are envisioning. Now is also the time to start researching photographers for your engagement photos.

3) Focus on the Little Things

Instead of worrying about the big picture, now is the time to focus on the little things that you can do ahead of time.

For example:

Nailing Down Your Guest List

Choosing Invitations Online

Finalizing your Seating Chart

Finding Bridal Party Gifts

Ordering your Save the Dates

Choosing Colors

4) Book Your Honeymoon & Flights

Flights will never be lower than they are right now, so take advantage of it. Many airlines are even waiving their change fees, meaning there is a no risk situation.

If you are flying to your wedding or your honeymoon, I would suggest booking your flights asap.

5) Wedding Day Approaching? Ask About Postponing Options

If your wedding day is shortly approaching, try not to panic. We don't know the extent of all this so if your wedding is this spring or summer, try to keep calm for a few weeks.

However, you can reach out to your vendors to see what their postponement or cancellation policy is, just to be prepared.

Try not to make any rash decisions in this moment. You don't want to cancel everything only to find out in two months everything is fine and you could have had your wedding anyway.

Worst case scenario? You have to postpone. Another option would be to elope and leave the stress of all it behind.


All in all, yes it's a crazy time. Wedding planning is crazy enough, we don't need a pandemic in the mix.

My best advice would be to hunker down, take a breath, washing your hands, plan the wedding of your dreams, and take it one day at a time.



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