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Get Rid of Doubts and Transition into Marriage Gracefully & Confidently


 Ultimate preparation for

   The Anxious Bride

Are you freaking out about getting married?

Are you constantly worrying if you're making the "right" decision or if he is the "one?"

Are you worried you don't truly love your partner or you're not ready for marriage?

Girl, you have engagement anxiety and I'm here to help.

You see, I too was an anxious bride. I almost called off my wedding because of my own fears and insecurities about this life transition. It was miserable, but with the steps I took through this journal, I was able to walk down that aisle and now am happily married for 3 years in an incredible relationship.

Most of the time, your engagement anxiety has nothing to do with your partner and really stems from within. It could be damaged self trust, limiting self beliefs, or something completely unrelated to marriage that has you spiraling with worry thoughts. You have to do the work to heal yourself from within.

This guided journal has 42 pages that explain why you're experiencing this engagement anxiety and digs deep to get to the root cause through journaling prompts and exercises. You can print it out, or fill it out on your computer as it is an editable pdf. This is a digital product, so you can download it immediately and get to work.

It lays out the exact methods I used to beat my anxiety and walk down that aisle to happiness, even when I almost ran for the hills.

If you are doubting everything right now, please don't run like I almost did. Take the time to explore and get to the root of what is causing this anxiety within you. It is totally possible to beat this and be happy and assured in your relationship- I am living proof!

It's going to be okay, girl. I've got you. Trust yourself and dive into this journal.

Imagine If...

You could get rid of the doubts regarding your upcoming wedding

You felt 'sure' you were ready to get married

You knew you could walk down the aisle confidently, without doubts

you understood why you were having these intrusive anxious thoughts about getting married

You had someone who went through what you're going through helping you along the way

A Marriage Preparation journal for the anxious bride


Includes 42 Workbook Pages to Help you heal your anxiety from the root cause 

Exercises to help you:



Learn why you are doubting your relationship

strengthen your self trust

transition gracefully into marriage 

understand where your fears originate from

learn the psychology of engagement anxiety and how it's more common that you'd think

dive into your fears and work through them

feel more connected to your partner


The Marriage Journal for the Anxious Bride is for you if...

You are engaged to be married and are anxious af

You are having doubts about getting married

You're worried if your partner is 'the one'

You are worried you're making a mistake

You are scared about this big change and life transition

You're having anxious thoughts about getting married and are looking for support

You know you want to get married, but are having intrusive worry thoughts

You're about to call off your engagement

you want to find the root cause of your engagement anxiety 

you want to feel confident walking down the aisle 

Hey, girl! I'm Gina.  I'm 27 and married to my best friend and soulmate.  We're both obsessed with living our best life, our pup Parmesan, and sitting on our front porch rockers.  I'm a wedding photographer and love capturing love stories and helping others find their ideal partner.  

We would never be here today if I didn't do the work I laid out in this journal.  I , too, was an anxious bride.  My anxiety was so bad I almost called off my wedding.  By diving into the practices I created in this journal, I was able to pin point the root cause of my fear and let go of my anxieties .  Now, I am happily married and never looked back.

I truly feel I went through this to help other anxious brides conquer their fear and enjoy an amazing marriage.  I hope this journal is an answer to your prayers and gives you hope you will get through this.




Proven Results...

It's Time...

Includes 42 Pages to Print or Fill Out on Your Computer


Instant download!

Start right now


Do I have to be engaged?

-No! This guided journal can also be done if you're thinking about being and are having anxiety about getting married.

Can I edit it on my computer?

-Yes! It is an editable PDF, but you can also print it out to write on.

How long does it take to fill out?

-There is no specific timeline to fill this out, but definitely allow a few hours to fill it out and then use as a resource whenever you're starting to feel anxious.

I'm getting married soon, is it too late?

-Not at all!  I definitely encourage any anxious bride to go through this workbook no matter if you're a year, a week or a day from your wedding.

I'm desperate for support.  When will it arrive?

-The best part about this digital product is that it arrives in SECONDS.  You can start working right away! 

It's going to be okay.  You've got this.

 Ultimate preparation for

   The Anxious Bride

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