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5 Reasons Why Taking Your Senior Portraits This Year Are A Must

Watch the video to see the reasons why you should have the Gina Co. Senior Experience instead of just your school pictures for your senior year.


Should You Take College Graduation Photos?

High School Senior Portraits are a no brainer...but what about when you graduate from College? Check out Alex's college graduation photos with her friends at Vanderbilt to see why College Senior Photos can be so much fun.


What To Wear For Your Senior Portraits

It's time to take your senior portraits, whoo!  You've chosen the perfect location and date, but now the question becomes, "What Should I Wear?" I'm here to help you choose outfits to help you look and feel amazing.


Hey Ya'll, I'm Gina!

I'm a Senior Portrait Photographer in Nashville, TN.   My goal is to give you amazing senior portraits that showcase your unique style and personality (and that are way more fun than just your school photos.)

I help you look and feel your authentic natural self and want to show the world your inner beauty. 

Let's take some amazing photos girl!


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