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Senior Portrait Experience                                                 

Hello Seniors! 

This is such an exciting year for you. My advice? Make the most of it but don't forget to take it all in and document it too. You won't believe how fast it will go!

Before it's too late, let's chat senior portraits! Don't settle for those generic school pictures with a boring background and awkward poses.  Instead, let's take natural, beautiful, outdoor photos that reflect YOU as you start this new chapter. 

I'm Gina - I'm a photographer who loves eating Chick-fil-A, binging Netflix, and singing my heart out while driving country roads.  My photo sessions are super relaxed and I guide you through natural poses to bring out your beauty and make your photos stand out.

Interested in what makes my experience stand out? Read below and request my Senior Portrait Guide.




Why the Gina Co. Senior Experience?​

Locations that 'wow'

When it comes to WHERE to do your photos, we choose a place that represents YOU.  Are you more drawn to Bohemian Gardens, Urban Chic, Country Meadows, or Adventure in the Woods?  

I share with you my favorite locations where you can choose a custom place that is perfect to show off your style.

Photos Like No One Else's


Your senior portraits are meant to show off your unique personality, so my custom made questionnaire ensures that I get to know you and your vision for your portrait session.


What are your interests? Let's incorporate them!

Are you a cheerleader? Let's do photos of you flipping in the air.  Do you love to kayak? Let's get on the water! Do you love music? Let's create your first album cover.  The opportunities are endless.

Feel empowered

All of my sessions are super relaxed and I will guide you through the poses to help you look and feel natural.  You will feel like a model by the end, promise!

You will be absolutely shocked about how much you love the images and I would love to show you just how beautiful you are.

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