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Weddings & Engagements

Organic, Stress Free Weddings in Tennessee & Beyond
Limited Dates Available

The process of choosing a wedding photographer can feel a lot like trying to pick out a bottle of wine.  You're stuck in the wine aisle trying to make a decision.  The top shelf are those fancy labels that you've probably never heard of before.  Those are your photographers who shoot Brad Pitt's wedding.  Bottom shelf wine gets the job done, but is pretty much your Uncle Bob with a 90's camcorder.


All wines do the same job, but the wine's on the top are a little intimidating and wines on the bottom will leave you with a headache.


What am I?  I'm that wine right on your eye level.  I'm organic, of course, which means no headaches and heck, I even have a screw top to make it as easy as possible.  Inside is a sweet, smooth wine, just like your wedding day.  It's from the same vintage as those high shelf wines but at a reasonable price that makes it a no brainer to grab a few bottles and get on your way.


Wedding planning is hard enough without all these decisions to be made.  If you are simply wanting someone to capture natural, organic photos and keep you calm during your wedding day, let's chat to see if we're a good fit.  Hopefully this decision will be the easiest one you'll have to make so you can get out of that wine aisle and we can pop some prosecco and celebrate to you!


Simply fill out the form below and I'll be in touch within 24 hours with my pricing guide and more information on the Gina Co. Wedding Experience.  


Talk soon!


What  Sets Gina Co. Weddings Apart?


Capturing Connection

This is YOUR day, we are all just witnessing your love.  I focus on capturing those moments when it seems as if there is no one else in the room.  When you realize it's the two of you for life.  

Of course we take photos of you looking at the camera, but I also take those magical candid moments that are absolutely priceless.


Small Details

I have an eye to see the tiny details that you might miss during the excitement of the day.  Don't worry, you'll see them all in your final gallery.


Special Moments

Those special moments that you will remember forever, captured.  These are why I am so honored to be part of the intimate details of your day.


Remembering all the Feelings

I love capturing the authentic happiness in candid shots throughout the day to help you remember that feeling of joy forever.


Hey Ya'll, I'm Gina!

I'm a Nashville wedding photographer & videographer who loves balancing a healthy lifestyle with a mason jar of white wine on my front porch . On your wedding day I'm your voice of calm and will be with you every step of the way - no stress allowed!

From the countless weddings I've been a part of (including my own), I've learned the most important part of your day is to feel at ease and take it all in.  I'd love to help stay in the present moment to truly enjoy your wedding day experience.

Your photographer is the person you'll spend the most time with on your wedding day (even more than your spouse!), so you kinda want to like them right? Let's grab a smoothie and  see if we're a good fit.  (A zoom call in yoga pants with wine works perfectly too!)

I truly can't wait to be part of your wedding day.



"Gina was wonderful. She even calmed the bride when she was feeling rushed with last minute details. This certainly was NOT her first wedding. We all commented on her photo ideas and the ease with which she did her job. I highly recommend her. "





Wedding collections start at $6000. 

Contact me below for my pricing guide to find the right package for you.

Engagement Portraits

These are not the stiff engagement photos from the newspaper in the 1950s.  I will capture authentic connections between you and your partner where you can be yourselves.  You will not just see your love through these images; you'll feel it.  



I will help you plan and capture your proposal as an incredible surprise to your partner.  Proposing on the Pedestrian bridge? Need help scoping out a venue? I'm here to help you make the most amazing proposal that will end in a 'yes!'



For those having small ceremonies and/or destination elopements. This is a great opportunity to spend extra time focusing on each other with 

 wedding photos of just the two of you.  This package can be tailored to your needs for your special day.

Packages starting at $2500 



Videography collections start at $6500

Photography & Videography combination packages are available with myself and members of my team. 

Wedding videography includes a 3-5 minute compilation highlight video set to music that sums up the feeling of your day.  You'll never grow old of watching you and your guests in this special keepsake.  A video truly allows you to relive your day and experience those special moments more deeply.  

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