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5 Reasons Taking Your Senior Portraits Are A Must This Year

Updated: May 26, 2020

Watch the video version above!

Hey ya'll! I'm Gina and I am a Senior Portrait Photographer in the Nashville & Middle Tennessee area.

I absolutely love capturing unique and fun senior portraits because let's be can do so much better than a boring backdrop and 3 options like the ones they take at school.

Your senior photos with me will show off your personality and won't be like anyone else's.

So why should you even take senior portraits this year? Keep reading...


1) You'll Want to Remember This Time

Senior year of high school is big. So many memories will be made and there are so many fun times to come. Sure, you will have selfies, snap chats and tik toks to keep, but there is something special about having professional portraits of yourself to remember this time.

These are the pictures that truly show off your beauty in a way you've never seen before. These are the pictures you'll show your kids one day. Snap chats are fleeting, but these last forever.

2) You'll Have Tons of Photos for Instagram

We all want content for our Instagram and social media and with me you'll get tons of images to share.

Also, as you enter college you will need more professional looking photos of yourself for resumes, LinkedIn, & profile pictures, so these photos can be really useful in the coming years to use as a headshot.

3) Pictures for your Graduation Party Invites & Family

Not only will you have digital photos to share, but you can use your senior portraits for your graduation party invites and to print out for your family and parents to frame. (You know you grandparents and family love them!)

Do it for the Insta, but do it for your Mom too! You know your family would love to have amazing photos of you to brag about you.

4) You'll Feel Empowered

When will the next time be that you have an excuse to feel like a model to take pictures? For a lot of girls, they have their senior portraits taken and then don't get their professional photos done again until their wedding!

Embrace this opportunity to look and feel your best as you totally rock this shoot and feel like a model. The best part? You don't have to have any modeling experience necessary as I totally guide you through what to do. It's my mission that by the end of the session you feel confident, beautiful and empowered.

5) It's Actually So Much Fun

When you take your yearbook photos at school: you have about 5 minutes to fix your hair, make sure there's nothing in your teeth, and try not to blink. I remember feeling so anxious before these, knowing I only had one chance to make them look good.

When you take your photos with me: You have 2 hours of time, multiple outfit changes, more natural poses, more fun and pretty environments, oh and I will make sure your hair is perfect because I've got your back girl.

Plus, seriously it's so fun. If you get nervous about taking your photos, then I will completely change your outlook because your session will be absolutely no stress. We laugh, I will probably trip at some point, we might run into some's an adventure! There are tons of amazing locations around the Nashville area to take your senior portraits. You will feel totally at ease after a few minutes and you will not only have amazing photos at the end, it will be an experience to remember too.

Questions? Need more info? Want to grab a copy of my senior portrait guide? Ready to book? Check out my Seniors Page to learn how to start your Gina Co. Senior Portrait Experience.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would love to give you the best Senior Portrait Experience ever!




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