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Best Nashville Area Locations To Take Your Senior Portraits

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Senior Portraits in the Nashville, TN Area

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What I love most about the Nashville, Tennessee area is that there are so many landscapes to choose from. There are green rolling hills, lakes and beaches, and an urban city within just miles of each other.

Depending on your specific style, there is a place for everyone.

I want to make sure you find a place to take your senior portraits that represents YOU, so let's find that special spot together.


Where to Take Your Senior Portraits Near Nashville, Tennessee

If You Like the Country...

Stone's River Battlefield (Murfreesboro): Featuring acres of beautiful tall grass and nature trails, this National Battlefield has tons of options for that all natural vibe.

Bloomsbury Farms (Smyrna): If you are looking for gorgeous rolling hills and fields, this is your place. An all organic farm/event space with that all natural 'wind in your hair' type vibe. (Additional $100/hr.)

Sinking Creek Farm (Murfreesboro): This farm is perfect for a variety of different shots and styles. The sunflower field is gorgeous during summer and there is an old rustic truck and boat for a variety of shots. ( $50/hr.)

Arrington Vineyards (Arrington): Owned by Kix Brooks, this winery is family friendly and has amazing views. It's perfect to roam around the property, have a picnic, and definitely take great for pictures!

If You Love Nature:

Radnor Lake State Park: This park has great walking trails and beautiful lakeside views for portraits.

Percy Warner Park: Percy Warner is home to golf courses and wildlife and also a series of beautiful limestone stairs and fields that make is a great background for photos.

Long Hunter State Park: This State park is home to the large Percy Priest Lake and has tons of opportunities for a greenery nature feel.

If You Love Bright Colors and Flowers:

Cheekwood Estate and Gardens: If you're looking for the ultimate flower vibe, You can't beat the grounds at Cheekwood. Although there is a higher fee, there are tons of amazing flowers and locations you can't beat anywhere else. ($300 permit)

Centennial Park: Centennial has some pretty flowers and a small lake beside the Parthenon, which is a beautiful location for senior photos!

12 South: If you love bright colors, then the murals in 12 South would be perfect for your senior photos. There are tons of amazing and fun murals and backdrops here to explore. It's one of my favorite spots!

If You Love the City Vibe:

The Pedestrian Bridge (Nashville): Here you can get tons of photos with the Nashville Skyline in the background before making our way downtown for some more urban shots.

Downtown Franklin: Less of a city, but still has that urban feel with that cute small town charm.

If You Are So Ready for College:

Vanderbilt University: Vanderbilt has a beautiful campus with tons of red brick buildings and greenery around campus.

Belmont University: Belmont in my opinion is one of the most beautiful campuses there is. With beautiful light colored buildings and amazing landscaping, the colors an and opportunities here are incredible.

Other Options:

Your High School: This is a great option to show your school spirit! I love taking pictures on your campus to show your school pride.

Your Own Backyard: I love taking photos in your own backyard as it makes it that much more special. I actually took my senior photos years ago at my house and loved it! This way you can incorporate any pets/animals into your shoots, have easy outfit changes, and be in a place that has a special meaning before you leave for college.

I hope these give you a good starting point for choosing a location for your senior pictures around Nashville. I'm always open to new locations and suggestions, so feel free to suggest a new place and we'll make this a really special day for you.


Are you looking for senior portraits in the Nashville, TN area? I'd love to help! Check out my page here for the Gina Co. Senior Experience.


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