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Captured and Thriving

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

A Personal Branding Session for Mission Plant Co.

Let me just start by saying it was a BLAST to photograph Sabrina from Mission Plant Co. Not only is she the sweetest person, she's also a bad ass woman business owner who is so talented. Her mission is to bring plants and people together and she does just that by designing 'plantscapes' for local businesses in the Lehigh Valley, PA.

I got a chance to visit an office space where she implemented her designs and WOW it was seriously the nicest office I've ever been to. Her use of plants in every room made for a relaxed, comfortable environment in an otherwise sterile space.

Not only are plants nice to look at, they have serious health benefits such as air detoxification, making them an essential addition to your home and office.

Sabrina not only brings plants to you, her and her team also come to water them and keep them thriving so that her clients don't have to worry about a thing. (I need her to come to my house to keep my plants alive!)

Working with Sabrina to capture her love of plants at Dan Schantz Greenhouse was so fun and I could tell she felt very relaxed in her element.

This shoot is a great example of why personal branding is so important. To be able to create a connection with your clients is essential for business relationships and your social media presence. Sabrina showed her true self in these images and I know they will help her grow her business. Literally!

If you would like to incorporate plants into your life, connect with Mission Plant Co. here.

And for more information on personal branding, click here.



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