How to Choose The Right Wedding Photographer for You

Updated: Apr 2

Isn't it totally overwhelming to choose a wedding photographer? When it comes to making decisions for your wedding, choosing a venue should be first and then your photographer.

But there are SO MANY to choose from. How on earth do you decide who is right to capture your special day? I'm here to help you know what to look for when choosing a wedding photographer because it's not as easy as you'd think.

How Do You Choose a Wedding Photographer?

First... Decide on Your Style

What's a style you ask? Basically your style of photography is how the photographer shoots and edits photos. Some photographers shoot 'dark and moody' while others shoot 'light and airy.'

Some shoot on digital and some on film. And some are more candid 'photojournalistic' while others are more posed. do you choose your style?

Look up the hashtag #weddingphotographer on instagram. Don't worry about the location yet, but instead look at the photos your eyes are drawn to. Do you like photos that are very bright and colorful? Or do are you drawn more to the orange tone photos. Do you like perfectly posed pictures of couples or do you immediately see a photo of the emotion o