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How to Choose The Right Wedding Photographer for You

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Isn't it totally overwhelming to choose a wedding photographer? When it comes to making decisions for your wedding, choosing a venue should be first and then your photographer.

But there are SO MANY to choose from. How on earth do you decide who is right to capture your special day? I'm here to help you know what to look for when choosing a wedding photographer because it's not as easy as you'd think.


How Do You Choose a Wedding Photographer?

First... Decide on Your Style

What's a style you ask? Basically your style of photography is how the photographer shoots and edits photos. Some photographers shoot 'dark and moody' while others shoot 'light and airy.'

Some shoot on digital and some on film. And some are more candid 'photojournalistic' while others are more posed. do you choose your style?

Look up the hashtag #weddingphotographer on instagram. Don't worry about the location yet, but instead look at the photos your eyes are drawn to. Do you like photos that are very bright and colorful? Or do are you drawn more to the orange tone photos. Do you like perfectly posed pictures of couples or do you immediately see a photo of the emotion of a mother crying while watching the father daughter dance?

Maybe you are most drawn to the more classic style of editing, that's good too! It's all about what type of pictures you'd envision having after your wedding.

Even if you don't really have a preference, that's okay too!

Secondly... Find some Options

So where do you even start when finding a photographer? There are resources like The Knot/Wedding Wire that list hundreds of photographers, making it overwhelming to choose.

Your venue might also give you their 'preferred vendors' which are definitely worth taking a look at. These photographers are familiar with your venue which can be a great thing and they have good relationships in the industry.

But where is the easiest place to find a photographer?


Search the city or town you're getting married followed by wedding photographer. So for example, in Nashville, search #nashvilleweddingphotographer and click the 'recent' tab.

Here you will find a ton of recent weddings and photographers with a bio for each of them. This is very important because it leads to the most important part of choosing a photographer...

Lastly, and MOST Importantly...

The MOST important things to look for when choosing your wedding photographer is...

Do you vibe with them? Could you be friends in real life?

I will tell you that on your wedding day, the two people you will spend the most time with are your new spouse and your photographer. should be someone you kinda like, right?

On your wedding day, the two people you will spend the most time with are your new spouse and your photographer.


Find out as much as you can about the photographer as a person.

-Are they hands on and will be the one to give you a bobby pin to fix your hair on the fly?

-Are they upbeat and bubbly or totally serious?

-Do they treat this as a job or are they truly invested in your love story?

-Will they be in the middle of the dance floor breaking it down taking pictures or are they more of a fly on the wall?

-Would you be friends with them????

I am biased being a female, but I also always suggest female photographers because as a bride myself, I know what to look for from a woman's perspective to make you feel their best. And sometimes men don't always notice the little things that women do.

(If it is a male you like, see if they have a female as their second shooter)


Get as much information as you can from their instagram and website to see if this is someone you can trust on your day and actually want to spend time with.

Once you have a few options, definitely hop on a call with them to see if you will know, I promise.


There is so much more to choosing your wedding photographer than just pretty pictures. This person is going to have such a huge impact on your day, so make sure it's someone you totally hit it off with and trust. Like I said, they will be with you the entire day, so find that person who will be there for you in all ways.


For me, not only am I a wedding photographer, but I'm your extra bridesmaid who can carry your train, lead you where you need to go, supply that bobby pin, and keep your nerves calm throughout the entire day.

I know how overwhelming it can be from getting married afew years ago, so I know when to pull you aside for a minute to breathe and give you five minutes alone with your new spouse to just enjoy the moment.

I'm Gina and I'm a light and bright wedding photographer in Nashville, TN. If you're looking for your go to extra bridesmaid who keeps you calm to enjoy the moment of your wedding day while taking natural and organic photos, I'd love to chat! Click here for my information on the Gina Co. Wedding Experience.

Happy wedding photographer hunting everyone!



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1 Comment

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