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How to Prepare For Your Personal Branding Session

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Prepping for your personal branding photography session can feel really overwhelming, which is why I'm here to help.

If you've decided to book a branding session, that means you understand the importance of putting a face to your brand and connecting your potential clients in a genuine, authentic way. In a world of constantly inputting advertisements, clients want to feel like are working with a real person, not just a company.

This is why I'm here to help you show them the real you and create valuable connections through your personal branding session.

Let me walk you through how to prepare...


How to Prepare For your Personal Branding Session

1) Choose Your Location

This can be your office, business, or home office. If you're worried those places aren't 'picture worthy,' I suggest renting an Airbnb for the day or using a shared office space. You can even ask friends to see if you can use their office or home for the day.

Additional locations could be a local coffee shop, park, or restaurant. Think about locations that represent your business, hobbies, or personality.

For example: Realtor's might use a luxury home on the market and wellness blogger may want to shoot at a farmer's market. If you'd like to include your family, we can use a local park.

2) What to Wear

This is the tough part, but I'm here to help! My branding sessions have multiple outfit changes included so that we can create content for months.

Your outfits should reflect your personal style and be things you actually wear when conducting your business. I recommend neutral colors and/or your brand colors.

Dressing up is a great option for one outfit change if that reflects your style. Dresses or suits are great options if you're looking for a professional headshot within your session.

Other options can be more casual to portray your 'everyday work life.'

3) What To Include

We're aiming to have as much variety as possible in your photos, so that means including different props.

This could include:

Your business's product/service









More Specifically:


Drawing Instruments




Yoga Mat


Essential Oils

'Just Sold' Sign

Clients or Friends having a meeting

Coffee or Drink of Choice



Cooking Utensils

Food (Chic-fil-A sweet tea, milkshake, starbucks order, burger, fries, etc)

Branding sessions are all about capturing your unique style, personality, and skills. Before our session, we will have a meeting to brainstorm what that means for you and your business.

Allow me to help you decide your location, outfits, and props to ensure we capture you and your brand. I'm so excited to help you grow your business!

Interested in learning more about my Branding Packages? Click here to learn more about the Gina Co. Branding Experience.


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