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Not Your Awkward Prom Photos

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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Raise your hand if you had awkward prom photos! It's kind of inevitable, especially with couples going as friends or bad backgrounds. Or at least I thought they were inevitable...until this weekend.

I had such a blast with this sweet couple going to Prom last weekend. Can you believe they're only 16 and graduating early??

When we arrived at the Art Museum, there must have been over 200 prom goers there. Eeek! Luckily I scoped out some spots away from the crowds and had some privacy. This pair was a little shy at first (I would be too!), but they were so cute and had some great connections in these photos.

When we made our way back to the museum the crowds had cleared (hallelujah!) and we got the shots that no one else at their prom could have gotten. So blessed!!!

Okay, now who wishes they had prom photos like these??


Gina Co. Photography

Cleveland, OH


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