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Should I Take College Senior Portraits?

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College Graduation Senior Portraits in Nashville, Tennessee

Hey ya'll! I'm Gina and I'm a senior portrait photographer in Nashville, TN. I specialize in giving high school and college seniors a fun and memorable experience to remember this special time in your life.

Surely when you think about senior portraits you may think that these are reserved for graduating from high school. But what about when you're graduating from college?

College graduation senior portraits are actually one of my favorite things to photograph and definitely deserve to be captured. Graduating from college is a HUGE deal! This is a time that you'll want to remember and if that doesn't convince you, here are some more reasons why you should definitely take college graduation photos.


1) Take Some Photos in your Cap & Gown

Your senior portraits don't just have to be close ups of you in your favorite outfit. This is a time to show off your cap and gown on campus as it might be the last time you'll ever wear one.

2) Incorporate your Friends & Family

College Senior portraits don't just have to be you either. When family is visiting for graduation, incorporate them into your photos as you know your parents will LOVE having these of the family all together. It also gives them a chance to brag about you on social media, which you know they love doing!

Even more fun is including your best friends for a photo shoot on campus. Below, Alex and her friends wanted to celebrate graduating from Vanderbilt University all together so they wore matching dresses and popped some champagne. How fun is that?? Senior portraits can easily be fun group photoshoots when it comes to graduating from college.

3) Grab a Headshot

When entering the real world you're going to want a professional quality photo of you for your LinkedIn and other profile pictures. This is a great time for that at your college senior session! I know I had my headshots taken right after college and used them a ton throughout the next few years, so definitely take advantage of that now.

College Senior Portraits can be anything you want them to be. Whether it's just you in your cap and gown, or you celebrating with your friends and family, this is the perfect time to take advantage of some professional photos. Plus, with me it is more than just photos, but a fun and memorable experience.

I offer College Senior Portraits at Vanderbilt and Belmont University and the surrounding Nashville area.

Questions? Ready to book? Check out my Senior Experience Page.

And congratulations to those graduating!



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