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Simply Wed Designs - Wedding & Shower Signs and Games

When I got married in 2017, my dream was to have an elegant backyard wedding. It looked amazing in my head, but realistically required a lot of work. My house wasn't a wedding venue that had everything ready to go, so it required brining in everything from decor to electrical equipment.

One thing that we needed was signage and I know I looked to Etsy to find signs that fit my theme. Now, I'm offering these to you in the hopes that they will the perfect addition to your wedding or shower.

This year, several of my best friends are getting married so I created some fun and unique shower games to play as well. They were inspired by my friends and are games I would actually want to play at a shower, not the corny ones!

So I hope you find something here that will help make your special day even more perfect.

You can find all of these signs on my Etsy Shop, Simply Wed Designs by Gina Co. They are instant printable downloads, making them quick and simple to decorate easily.

These are signs for if you're having a table to honor loved ones who have passed...

Looking for a unique idea for a twist on the typical three course meal? Try a Cigar, S'mores or Mimosa Bar.

Label your food in style for everyone's special dietary needs...

Label your favor and gift tables appropriately...

Shower Signs & Games

And for those needing to reschedule their wedding or shower, I'm offering customized 'change the date' cards...

Check out my Etsy Shop for the rest of my printable wedding decor designs. And I can always create a custom sign as well!

Happy planning!



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