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The Ultimate Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Celebrating a Bachelorette Party in Nashville, TN? This is a must read!

It's no secret that Nashville is becoming the Bachelorette Party Capital of the world. It has even been termed 'Nash Vegas' as it's becoming more popular than Vegas itself for celebrating bachelorettes.

Why is Nashville the place to be when celebrating your bride to be? Read my guide and you'll see why as there is SO much to do here to make your Nash Bash unforgettable!


Your Guide for the Ultimate Nashville Bachelorette Party

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Where to Stay

The best thing to do for Bachelorette parties in Nashville is to stay at an Airbnb. There are tons in Nashville that are very accessible to everything, or just a short Uber ride away.

Other hotels downtown include:

Gaylord Opryland (Resort outside of the downtown area)

What to Do

The best thing about Nashville is that there is ALWAYS something going on. The party on Broadway rarely stops and this town is always bustling.

Sure you are definitely going to party, but what about some other options when it comes to having an unforgettable experience with your girlfriends? Let me share some ideas that you may have never experienced anywhere else.


Instagram Photowalk Tour

Do you want some awesome photos for your Instagram to post about the BEST Weekend ever in Nashville? Check out my Bachelorette Party Nashville Mural Photowalk Airbnb Experience. I take ya'll around the charming neighborhood of 12 South to see some of the murals that are famous to Nashville. We take tons of photos of your girlfriends like you're models for the day and you get awesome content for your Instagram. This experience is PERFECT for Bachelorette parties and it is a blast. Don't be the girls who only have selfies from their trip! Show off your weekend with professional photos and have a fun tour during the day when you need a short break between honkey-tonkin.

Airbnb Experiences

Other Airbnb Experiences include a personal shopping trip for vintage clothing, writing a song with a local musician, a bar crawl, a healing hike, an amazing concert, and so many more. Airbnb Experiences are great ways to really immerse yourself in the culture and connect with a local to experience Nashville in an authentic way. I know it is my favorite thing to do to welcome visitors from out of town and show them a great time.

Girls Activities

Other fun girls day activities are taking a candle making class at Nashville's famous Paddywax Candle Co. or making your own painted sign with Craft Love. Don't worry, they will ship your crafts home for you after your trip.

Feeling frisky? Take a group pole dancing class at Studio Goddess and learn some sexy dance moves to maybe use later on in the night. They offer Bachelorette group parties complete with a class, champagne and extra perks for those looking to let loose and feel empowered.

Give your skin some love by creating a completely custom facial oil at the Lemon Laine Oil Bar. You can also have your makeup professional done here as well for a night out.

Looking to relax? Try an upscale infrared sauna experience to detox from your night out. Pure Sweat Sauna Studio in 12 South has room for the whole crew to relax and recharge.


Where to Eat

Nashville Hot Chicken is a must! I recommend Prince's Hot Chicken or waiting in line at Hattie B's. It's worth it, I promise.


Pancake Pantry (Near Vanderbilt)

Thistle Farms Cafe (The Nations)

Acme Feed and Seed (Downtown)

Loveless Cafe (Pasquo)

M.L. Rose (Multiple locations)

The Sutler (Melrose)


Whiskey Kitchen (Downtown)

Bartaco (12 South)

City Tap (Downtown)

Burger Republic (The Gulch)

Party Fowl (The Gulch)

Where to Party

When it comes to Nashville, you don't have any trouble finding a place to party. The most popular street is lower Broadway with honkey tonk after honkey tonk in a row of neon lights.

Check out the rooftop bars at Acme Feed and Seed, Luke's 32 Bridge, and Dierks' Whiskey Row. Many bars have a different band on every floor like Jason Aldean's, Honkey Tonk Central, or Kid Rock's Big Honkey Tonk, so if you don't like the band on one floor, simply go up a floor and it could be a completely different vibe.

Some more low key bars include Legend's Corner, Whiskey Bent Saloon, Tootsies and Ole Red.

Want to ride a Mechanical Bull? Check out Tequila Cowboy, which is also on Broadway.

Looking for a calmer place to hang out off Broadway?

L.A. Jackson is a great rooftop bar in the Thompson Hotel in the Gulch and Pins Mechanical Co. in Midtown is a the new popular place for bowling and games. In the winter months, you can reserve an igloo on the roof of the Bobby Hotel to hang out and drink together.

Party Tours

In Nashville, we just don't just sit in bars, we take the bars on the road. Check out the original Nashville Pedal Tavern or the Nashville Tractor to party up and down Broadway.

I promise you won't have any trouble finding things to do during your Nash Bash. Questions? Reach out to me on instagram @ginacophotography or see my FAQs below.




Is there anything going on during weeknights?

Yes! Broadway is busy every night of the week and you can always find live music, no matter what day it is.

Am I going to like Nashville if I don't like country music?

Nashville is known as Music City USA for the country music industry, but that is not all the music that we have to offer. Many bands on Broadway and elsewhere play all kinds of genres including pop, rock, hip hop and rap. But you may be surprised as country music can grow on yah!

Are there covers to get into the bars?

The beauty about Nashville is that most bars do not have covers, even though there are live bands inside. Because there is no cover, it is customary to tip the bands.

What's the weather like?

Nashville weather can be very unpredictable, but is mostly mild in the winter time and hot in the summer. I suggest packing in layers.

We're not there anything else for us to do?

Absolutely! Even though Nashville is known as a party town, this is our home too and there is plenty to do that doesn't involve alcohol. Check out the Parthenon, an exact replica of the Parthenon in Athens, in Centennial Park. There are also many museums including the Frist Art Museum or the Country Music Hall of Fame. There are also trails for hiking and bike riding outside of the city. Don't forget, my photowalk mural walk is a good daytime activity without alcohol too.

When should we plan our trip?

Nashville hotels and tours definitely book up because it is such a popular destination. I would recommend booking at least 3 months ahead of time to ensure availability. Nashville is great in any season with mild winters and hot summers.

Are cowboy boots required?

Ha! Although this is an excuse to buy and wear some good boots, they are not mandatory and most locals don't wear them on a regular basis...(okay some definitely do!) There are some great shops on Broadway to score a great deal on some boots.

Any more questions? Feel free to drop a comment or message me on Instagram @ginacophotography.

Have an AMAZING time in Nashville ya'll!


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