What To Wear For Your Senior Portraits

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What Should I wear for my senior portraits?

It's your senior year and time for your officially time to for your Gina Co. Senior Experience. You've chosen the perfect location and time of year but now it's time for the big question...what to wear??

I know this can be overwhelming, but please don't be stressed! That's why I'm here as your personal stylist throughout this process to help you choose the looks that will help you look and feel your best.

First, know how many outfit changes come with the package you've chosen. For my Signature Senior Experience, you have 3 outfit changes. For this, I recommend choosing a formal option, a casual option, and a school spirit outfit.

Formal Option: This usually would be a dress or skirt for girls and something you would wear to a nice party or wedding.

I also recommend sun dresses and flowy skirts and accessories like necklaces, hats and heels for this option.

For the guys, a formal option would mean a button down shirt, dress pants and optional blazer.