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What To Wear For Your Senior Portraits

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What Should I wear for my senior portraits?

It's your senior year and time for your officially time to for your Gina Co. Senior Experience. You've chosen the perfect location and time of year but now it's time for the big question...what to wear??

I know this can be overwhelming, but please don't be stressed! That's why I'm here as your personal stylist throughout this process to help you choose the looks that will help you look and feel your best.

First, know how many outfit changes come with the package you've chosen. For my Signature Senior Experience, you have 3 outfit changes. For this, I recommend choosing a formal option, a casual option, and a school spirit outfit.

Formal Option: This usually would be a dress or skirt for girls and something you would wear to a nice party or wedding.

I also recommend sun dresses and flowy skirts and accessories like necklaces, hats and heels for this option.

For the guys, a formal option would mean a button down shirt, dress pants and optional blazer.

Casual Option: I recommend wearing that outfit that you absolutely love that you would usually wear to school or to have lunch with your friends. Something that you are comfortable in and that reflects your style to a T. I'm sure you already know what that outfit is that you save when you want to look your best.

This can be a pair of jeans and a nice shirt, a cute romper or jumpsuit, or a more casual dress. I would stay away from short shorts and tank tops as these are a little 'too' casual.

Extra Curricular/School Spirit Option: This is the fun one! You can either represent your high school by wearing school colors or a uniform from a sport you play or an activity you're in. You can also represent your college if you know where you're going. The opportunities here are endless and completely up to you!

For my VIP Senior Experience Package, you have UNLIMITED outfit changes, so this is a chance to get creative and have a really large variety of photos.

Some Outfit Ideas:

Blazer/Suit (For girls and guys)

Long Flowy Dresses (love these!)

Sports Uniform

Cheerleading Uniform

Band Uniform

Dance/Ballet Costumes

Semi Formal Dance or Prom Dress

Anything that represents an extra-curricular activity

Prop Ideas:

Your Dog



Sports Equipment (lacrosse stick, tennis racquet)


Accessories (Hats, scarves, purse)



Graduation Year Sign

College Banner

Cap and Gown


Ice Cream

Champagne (College seniors only)

Number Balloons (I can provide these for an additional cost)

Regular Balloons

Colors: When choosing colors for your outfits, I recommend lighter bright colors & neutrals. Try to stay away from dark black and browns and bold patterns. Avoid shirts with logos or wording, unless it's representing your school.

Tips: Bring jewelry and accessories to change up the shots. Adding a cute jacket can make one outfit look like two. And don't forget to bring shoes to match each outfit.

The biggest advice is wear something that you feel totally yourself in! These photos are meant to reflect your unique style and personality, so really think about your vision and allow me to help you bring it to life.

And if you're looking for unique and fun senior portraits, I'm your girl! Click here for more information on the Gina Co. Senior Experience.

Wishing ya'll a great day!



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