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Why Join the Senior Squad Spokesmodel Experience?

Hi Friend! Okay so you're about to head into your Senior year, you're super excited, and you keep seeing my advertise for my Senior Squad and you're like 'what is the fuss all about?' I'm so excited to share what the squad is and why you should totally apply to join!

What is the Senior Squad?

The Senior Squad is my team of spokesmodels who represent Gina Co. Photography for their senior year. It's a tight knit community of high school girls from around the Nashville area who are the face of Gina Co. Seniors for 2021.

Why Should I Join?

So many reasons!

If you're someone who is looking to take amazing senior portraits then you will love being in the squad. Not only do you get to have the Gina Co. Senior Portrait Experience, you also get the perks of attending 3 more photoshoots throughout the year with fun themes like the Fall Kickoff, Mural Walk, and Cap and Gown Photo Sessions. We'll also get together throughout the year for a surprise fun activity! You'll be part of a community of girls who support each other and I'm always there for you when you need advice.

You'll also get the chance to earn money when you refer your friends to take their senior pictures with me and some pretty cool swag too.

But mostly, it's for the experience. The photoshoots create fun photos, but they also create meaningful friendships. This is a chance to be yourself and have so much fun as you celebrate how hard you've worked this year.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is the best part. To be part of the Senior Squad, it is only the cost of a normal Senior Portrait Experience with me ($350 +).

So not only are you getting your senior portraits taken like everyone else, but you're getting so many more pictures and photoshoots throughout the year and the perks I mentioned above. It's a great deal!

How do I Apply?

I only accept a limited number of girls each season, so I do have you fill out an application to be considered. I'm looking for down to earth girls who love to take fun photos, have fun, and are willing to represent my business in a positive way and be part of my team.

Applications are officially open May 15th and the deadline is May 30th.

The squad is open to high school Juniors who will be graduating the class of 2021.

Still not convinced? Take a look at how much fun we had this year...

We started off the year with our Fall Kickoff in October at Walden's Pumpkin Patch. It was such a nice warm day and we walked around the grounds, pet some goats, picked some pumpkins, and took some photos. Then we found a shady spot, threw down a blanket and the girls opened their Gina Co. Swag. It was so nice to just sit and talk and get to know Olivia & Allison.

For our Winter get together, the girls wanted to go on my 'Do it for the Insta' Airbnb Experience, which is my photowalk tour. I happily agreed and we explored 12 South in Nashville, taking fun photos in front of the murals. We finished up and enjoyed some donuts at Five Daughter's Bakery and chatted about life, college, and the future.

Our Spring Photoshoot was so much fun as the girls wore their cap & gowns and dressed in their school spirit clothes. I brought 2020 balloons and they got to toss their hats. It was a blast!

We've gotten so close this year and there is a 100% chance I cry when these girls head off to college!

My Senior Squad is really all about connection. I want to help ya'll truly have a great year and be there for you in any way I can. I'm looking forward to my squad next year and if you feel like this is totally for you, then definitely apply as soon as possible. Applications will be live May 15th, but if you DM me on instagram @ginacophotography I can give you early access to the application.

I can't wait to meet you!




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