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The Fun Way To

Prepare For Marriage


 Ultimate preparation for


Are you getting married? Most couples should go through some sort of premarital counseling before getting married - even if you've been living together already.


It's hard to find affordable, accessible premarital counseling - and even then - it's hard to commit to the process. It's hard enough to get your fiance to help you pick place settings, right?

Use this Ultimate Wedding Preparation Guide to prepare you and your fiance for marriage, easily and have a little fun too!

This is a guided marriage preparation journal with questions and prompts you both fill out individually, then compare answers. Think of it as a fun game night! You will learn things about your partner you never knew, even if you've been together for years.

It includes 45 pages of questions you may have never thought to ask your partner, but are essential to talk about before tying the knot.

This is the EASIEST way to have some premarital preparation from the comfort of your home, at your own pace.

BONUS: This includes two pages to write your vows on PLUS a "Almost Newlywed Game" to play.

This is a digital product. You can either print the journal out, or fill it out on your computer (it is an editable PDF).


Imagine If...

You didn't know Your fiance didn't really want kids?

You knew why your fiance gets so mad why you're always late

You could prevent fights from happening your first year of marriage

you could become even closer with your fiance

premarital prep was actually fun


The Ultimate Guide to prepare for marriage-

even when you think you're ready

Includes 42 Workbook Pages to Help you know each other on a deeper level

Exercises to help you find:



Dive into your love languages

work through pet peeves

dig deep on values + your future 

analyze your finances

learn why each of you are the way you are

Hash out holidays

feel more connected than you ever have


The UltimateMarriage Prep Workbook is For You If...

You are engaged to be married

You are looking for some sort of premarital counseling/preparation course

You're looking to become closer with your partner

You are having some doubts about getting married

You want to make sure you and your fiance are on the same page about important topics before getting married

You are already in marriage prep, but still want more resources to prepare yourselves.

Hey, girl! I'm Gina.  I'm 27 and married to my best friend and soulmate.  We're both obsessed with living our best life, our pup Parmesan, and sitting on our front porch rockers.  I'm a wedding photographer and love capturing love stories and helping others find their ideal partner.  

My husband and I carefully curated this guide with real life questions & topics we know come up in the first few years of marriage. Many of our friends felt like they didn't have options when it came to pre-cana (marriage prep courses) so we decided to make this for them and now sharing it with all engaged couples. We hope it helps you become even closer and truly allows you to open up with your partner.




Proven Results...

It's Time...

2 Bonus Offers Included!

-The "Almost Newlywed Game"

-Vow Booklets

Totally Free as my Gift to You!


Instant download!

Start right now


Do we have to be engaged?

-No! This guided journal can also be done if you're thinking about being engaged or even married!  It's really to strengthenen any type of relationship.

Do we need two copies?

-Once you purchased the journal, you can download it and make two copies, one for each of you.  You can also fill it out on your computer because it is an editable pdf.

Does this fulfill the pre marital counseling requirement by my church?

-Many churches have their own requirements, so this may not fit into their program.  However, if you are not getting married in a church and want a resource that doesn't involve a lot of time or money, this is a great start!  After completing you can determine if you need additional counseling.  This journal is non-denominational and for religions of all kinds.  

How long does it take to fill out?

-There is no specific timeline to fill this out, but definitely allow a few hours to fill it out and then a few hours to discuss.  This is a grat date night activity, but you may need additional time since it is so in depth. 

How do i get my fiance to do this with me?

-I know, it's hard enough to get your fiance to wipe his shoes at the door.  I recommend framing this as a fun date night 'almost newlywed' game.  Explain the importance of going into marriage knowing you are on the same page.  Grab some wine, put on some music and enjoy a quiet evening together. 

don't wait until after your married to discover these truths

preparation for

Marriage Workbook

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