5 Things To Do Right After Getting Engaged

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

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Whoo hoo you said YES! You're engaged!! Congratulations! Getting married is such an exciting time. Enjoy it!

Once the initial adrenaline has worn off from the proposal, here are 5 things you should think about right after getting engaged...

1) Tell Your Family and Friends Before Posting on Social Media

It is SO tempting to post a photo of your new sparkly ring and fiancé. You want everyone to know! BUT...let me tell you why it's best to wait a few days before taking to Instagram...

  1. It is seriously SO MUCH more enjoyable to tell your friends and family individually and see their reactions. Plus, I'm sure they're in the loop already so they should be the first to know. I also recommend waiting a bit to share on social media. Sure you will get a lot of likes on your photo, but you'll never see their initial excitement and share that exciting "jumping up and down" moment with them.

  2. For us, we waited a whopping 9 months to post on social media and told every single person and family member either in person or over the phone. It was a blast even months later celebrating with people we haven't seen and it helped us relive our excitement all over again.

  3. Not everyone in your life uses social media or checks it regularly. Sure you want your friends to know you're engaged, but what about your older relatives? They should have dibs on the information and will be upset if they hear it from someone else.

This happens with friends too who may have a long shift at work or you didn't make it on their newsfeed. I know I had a friend who was upset our mutual friend got engaged and she had to see it on social media before being told personally.

It's not a race. Think about the feelings of your friends and family members and announce accordingly.

2) Get Your Nails Done

This will be by far the most you'll ever show your hands to people, so it's worth investing in a nice manicure to show off your new bling.