Are You Secretly Freaking Out About Getting Married? You're Not Alone...

Updated: Sep 21

So you're engaged. People are so excited for you and say things like "You should be so happy" and "This is the most exciting time in your life!" But you don't feel that way. You're stressed, not only about planning a wedding, but because this is a HUGE life transition. You're worried about making the wrong decision, wanting to make certain you're not making a mistake.

Cue the wedding anxiety.

Wedding & Engagement Anxiety

Wedding and engagement anxiety is not something a lot of brides talk about. There is a stigma where if you have the slightest doubt about getting married, you should run for the hills. But the thing is...for a lot of women it's not that black and white.

Yes you love your partner. You may have even had the perfect love story all your friends are jealous of. He proposed, but from that moment on you've been questioning if he is your soul mate, if this is the 'right' decision, and why his terribly loud chewing has never bothered you quite like now.

You're scared you're feeling this way and are tempted to call the whole thing off. Worse, you tell a friend and they tell you that if you have any doubts, to call it off too. Now, you feel alone and more anxious than ever.

Girl, you are NOT alone.

Just because you are feeling anxious, it does not mean that your relationship is not going to work out.

Wedding anxiety goes far beyond your partner and...

This is more normal than you'd think...

Not only am I seeing wedding anxiety recently with brides and my friends, I've gone through it myself.