My Pure Sweat Infrared Sauna Experience

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Infrared Sauna Experience Nashville, TN

I love a good trip to the sauna, but I had never experienced an 'Infrared' Sauna before. With tons of health benefits, I was super excited when the sweet women at Pure Sweat Sauna Studio treated my friend and I to experience their studio in 12 South. (Yes to women run businesses!)

Infrared Saunas are different because they use infrared heat panels to warm your body instead of heating the air. This allows the heat to penetrate your tissue more deeply and allows you to stay in the sauna for a longer period (we were in for 45 minutes).

Pure Sweat uses a full spectrum of infrared light that helps you detox up to 20%, which is normally around 3% in a normal sauna. This therapy is great for weight loss, increasing circulation, and muscle relaxation. It also boosts collagen production for glowing skin. You can see why I said, "Yes, please!"

My friend Kathryn and I had the Deluxe Cabin, which holds up to 4 girls. It's perfect for a girl's day or bachelorette party as there are a ton more cabins to fill.

We wore these adorable robes they provide you with and settled in.

Inside it is lined with towels and there are cool essential oil wash clothes to cool down with. The best part? These are 'smart' saunas equipped with a screen inside that has apps like the Calm meditation app and Netflix. Yes, that's right, Netflix. This might be my new hideout. Plus, the Calm meditation app is my absolute favorite to this was right up my alley.

Inside the cabin you could choose different color lights to use which all had different benefits. We changed them every couple minutes to try out the different ones.

There are a ton more saunas in this studio and you are able to rent out the entire space for a bachelorette party which is the perfect way to detox from your night on Broadway.

My Photowalk Mural Tour is in the same neighborhood, so to do both would be a great way to spend the day for the bride to be, or just a girls day out!

And if you're looking for all organic beauty care products, this is your place. I'm a lover of all natural and organic products and Pure Sweat had so many amazing things to check out.

They also have electrolyte water and face masks if you want to take your self care to the next level and stay super hydrated. And starting at just $25 a session, this spa day is super affordable.

After the treatment I was a little (ahem, totally) sweaty, which felt so good! My muscles felt like butter and my mind was totally relaxed. I honestly felt like I was in a great mood!

I highly recommend Pure Sweat for when you need some self care and as a great addition for Bachelorette Parties visiting Nashville. Treat yo' self ya'll!

I'll be back!


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