Your 'Go To' Healthy Grocery List For the Week

Exactly What To Buy for 5 Healthy Dinners and Meals for the Week

Trying to plan out meals for the week can be daunting, especially if you want to eat healthy. I would go to the store and buy groceries, only for Wednesday to roll around and we're eating takeout. I didn't plan things out until I realized I needed to get my act together if I wanted to eat healthy during the week and not spend a fortune.

Here's what a typical grocery list for me looks like. I shop for 2 people, so keep that in mind and adjust accordingly.

This list will make at least 4 dinners and 5 lunches...and a bunch of snacks.

Your 'Go To' Healthy Grocery List


5 Organic Apples of Choice

5 Organic Bananas

1 Organic Kiwi

2-3 Medium Sized Sweet Potatoes

1 Regular Potato

1 Large Sweet Onion

1 Container of Organic Mushrooms of Choice

1 Bag of Spinach

1 Zucchini/Squash/Eggplant (You choose)

1 Bunch of Garlic

1 Bag of Organic Baby Carrots or a Bunch of Carrots

Grocery Items

2 BPA Free Cans of Organic Beans (I like black, kidney, or garbanzo)

1 Can Coconut Milk (BPA free)